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We have over twenty years’ experience of helping people, individuals and teams reach their potential. We design and deliver amazing trainings for you and your teams so they can perform at the highest levels. We can help you clarify your outcomes and help you on a path to achieve them, through highly focused, challenging programs.




Workshops are a great way for participants to gain hands-on experience while learning new concepts and skills. Our workshops are specifically designed to maximise each attendees potential and are great value for money!

With a wide range of leadership, management and business skills topics available, we’re sure to have your training needs covered. and, with our flexible delivery options, you can manage your budget to keep unnecessary overheads to a minimum.

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In addition to our great range of workshops, we also offer comprehensive management and leadership development programs for individuals. So, whether you are an emerging, evolving or established leader, we have a program that will help you develop new skills and strengthen your leadership style. You can choose from easy, pay-by-the month options or enjoy huge savings with an annual membership. Either way, you can rest assured that you are getting great value for money with our 60 day money back guarantee! Click on the button below to find out more and start your membership today!

Who We Help


It’s no secret that top achievers are lifelong learners who leverage every opportunity to improve their skills and gain a competitive edge.


Our Executive Programs enable the evolving leader to better understand and develop others, while continuing their own professional self-development.


We specialise in helping people build and lead highly effective teams, and transforming broken teams into all-stars.

Business Owners

All businesses, including small and micro businesses, benefit from effective leadership at all levels.

What some of our clients have to say…

State Government

I highly recommend the services of Cobalt to anyone looking for personal growth, professional development and assistance in maximising career opportunities. I would not have achieved much of the success I am currently enjoying, if not for the efforts of Paul Bryce and Cobalt.

Mark C. Senior Manager, State Government of Victoria


…above all, I can’t thank you enough for the insight, guidance and clarity of mind you have been able to impart upon me! Thank you so much for getting me out of this self-destructive, negative mind-set I was in! You have done wonders in helping me relax, focus and move forward in the right direction in my career, and in life!


Allied Health Manager

I had no doubt that I would “learn” something from our sessions, but I could never have imagined the growth I have made both personally and in my work. The sessions were conducted very professionally and I reached all my goals – plus some.

“Sally B” Manager, Allied Health Practice

Business Owner

I am thrilled with Paul Bryce as my mentor. Paul provided me with a dynamic practical process for the establishment of core values and their relationship with emotional states. The benefit of this invaluable process has resulted in effective decision making, networking opportunities and establishment of my new business structure. I am extremely grateful to Paul for his guidance and support in this essential, often misunderstood process.

Josephine Gibbs Working Hands

Individual Programs

It’s no secret that top achievers are lifelong learners who leverage every opportunity to improve their skills and gain a competitive edge. At Cobalt Professional Development, we offer a range of individual programs to suit your stage of development and budget.

You can get started for less than the price of a coffee per day.

Managers are often promoted from positions where they excelled technically. They are really great at doing “the job” and so as a reward are given the role of manager. They then spend the next 6-12 months figuring out how to lead a team, perform administrative tasks and meet the expectations of their senior management, peers and the team members. More often than not, they get to their first performance review knowing that it will be tough; team performance is down, they are feeling the onset of burnout with long hours and a seemingly endless list of things to do, morale is suffering and questions about their suitability are starting to be asked. Sound familiar? Most managers who find themselves transitioning from technician to leader do not get the support, mentoring and training needed to be successful.

Team Programs

When you have a dysfunctional team that just doesn’t perform without a herculean effort from management, it’s like herding cats, getting a donkey to run the Melbourne Cup or teaching a toddler to share their toys. It’s frustrating and yields few desirable results (if any). The team has some real star players and you can’t afford to lose them. The pressure is on but you don’t know where to start. It’s a common problem and one which takes time and skill to fix, but it can be done. We specialise in helping people build and lead highly effective teams, and transforming broken teams into all-stars. Some of the ways we can help are;

  • ★ Leadership training and mentoring
  • ★ Strategic planning
  • ★ Soft-skills training
  • ★ Team troubleshooting
  • ★ Mission and Vision
  • ★ Goal Setting and Achievement
  • ★★★ And more…

Executive Programs

Executive leadership is about building teams and communicating so that everyone works together. Effective leadership at this level is a key ingredient to successful businesses and high performing teams. Teams that have this synergy tend to be the ones on top. Reaching the executive, or C-Suite, level of your carer is hard work. It takes a lot of time and effort to develop the skills necessary, and to build the experience you need to get there. And the work doesn’t stop there! It is critical that executives at all levels undertake continuous professional development to keep their teams at the top. Effective leadership development programs should be closely aligned with organisational strategy and create a holistic view of these strategies. Rather than an exclusive focus on financial performance, it demands a broad emphasis on strategy, people, culture and values, not a narrow concentration on tasks. Our Executive Programs encourage creativity and values-based leadership behaviours. We don’t just focus on how to reach KPI’s – our programs help executives evolve and gain the skills needed to lead their teams into success.

Business Owner Programs

All businesses, including small and micro businesses, benefit from effective leadership at all levels. Most business owners have great technical abilities in their field but haven’t the management experience to lead their new enterprise. It doesn’t take long for the problems to start piling up and for cracks to appear. When we work with business owners, it isn’t in a traditional “business coaching” style. We work with you to establish your values, mission and vision as the starting point for building a great business. But this is just the beginning of our mentoring relationship. We don’t just focus on mindset and soft-skills in our Business Mentoring programs. We understand the difficulties that owners face when grappling with the myriad administrative and financial systems needed to run a successful business. From budgeting to business writing, outsourcing to occupational health, you can access a broad range of business oriented training materials as part of your program. With affordable rates and great results, you can get started today by clicking on the button below.

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